I can finally post this picture with no worries & hesitation; & without thinking about what others might say about me. God has been so good to me & to my family. He never let us down. I can’t help but ask myself if I even deserve all the blessings that He had given to me. But still, He proved to me that He really does care to each one of us as I was facing one of the biggest hurdles in my life (charrots! 😝). I was like: “Ya-Allah, nakakapasa din pala sa board ang mga pasaway na tulad ko”. Hahaha. Srsly, tho. They said our Dua’s can change our fate (Pkaalin oh dua so koris) — something that I’ve been holding on during those times that I feel so hopeless. I know couldn’t have done it without everybody’s prayers as well. To my loving parents, family, friends & everyone who included me in their dua’s — Thank you very much! 😘 ALHAMDULILLAH, Ya-Rabb for everything.

Meet my 9yrs old dental braces who’s been with me since grade 6! We’re gonna part ways soon, but I don’t know if I should be happy about it since I can’t imagine myself smiling without these metals on. I hope it won’t feel like I’m some toothless old lady πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ’€

Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as One. ❀️ (at Macasandig)

Happy New Year from my kalog cousins!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ„πŸ’£πŸŽΊ

My version of Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us. Pls don’t laugh. Hahaha

Taken 4 years ago during my senior year in highschool. I just can’t stop laughing at this pic! Shit, pareh. Baluga kaayo ba. Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Major throwback! Before when I had waist-length curly hair. Missin’ it so much!


i dont particularly like guns but this…

Cozy Cup. #NewFave


During the PNA Convention

Anonymous asked: So, as promised, Imma leave a birthday message in here since it's too mainstream in facebook. I, your forever anonymous friend here in tumblr and in real life wishes you a Happy Happy 20th Birthday! Ohh no! The girl who assumes to be a forever-eighteen is now TWENTY! Happy 2nd decade of your life! Seriously though, stay awesome and stay NiemNiem! I'm wishing you all the best.... foods and fats! HAHA! Keep on smiling with your braces on! Love you! Mwamwatsuptsup :)))) -A β˜…

Why oh why do you have to specify “TWENTY”?! It sucks to be 20. It makes me feel sooo old. Like, older than my lola. Haha. Forever debutante here! :D Time flies really fast. I can still remember my 18th birthday when we had our Iliganon escapade together with Ate Aisa. Got so high due to the Durian Shake. Haha. Good times… Good times… Let’s all do that again! By the way, Thank you. :) Yep, I’ll keep on smiling with my good o’le rusted braces on. Love you too, Goldilocks. *Hugsss*